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15 December 2013

Alexa Chung's IT
Every blogger, or just every girl must know about this book by now, or better yet have it. To be honest I read the whole thing in a about an hour and since then it's been sitting on my shelf looking pretty. I love the cover, simple and elegant as Alexa herself. The inside looks rather nice too, Chung has gathered a few photographs and throw them in there too so there isn't that much wording. She talks about her inspirations growing up, childhood memories and dabbles a bit on fashion and beauty, of course. But the book was definitely more of an artistic journal. It really shows her personality in pictures and doodles. Well, I liked it and i'm the kind of person that likes to skip to the pictures in books and magazines so if you are too definitely go check it out.

Lauren Conrad's Style and Beauty
Now these books came out a few years back and with my love for LC I instantaneously bought them. I didn't really take much from the Style book but the Beauty one was on point, she has thrown in loads of make up and hair tutorials into that book, which really helped me out because I just love her beachy waves and winged eyeliner. LC was the first person that really inspired me to do the whole winged eyeliner look. And of course the ombre hair, yes, I literally wanted it after seeing it on her. Though having dark hair your hair is not going to come out looking as subtle as LC's. Oh, she also has a blog! Which has a lot of cute tutorials and receipts, great lifestyle blog to be honest. Overall Lauren did best on the Beauty book in my view.

M.I.A's Art book
LOVVVVVED THIS BOOK. Brilliant, really is. It's basically a documentary of Maya's life, and her life really is interesting. She really is a figure that stands out to me, and her art is incredible. The tribal prints to computer glitches? I'm sure there's some hidden meanings behind all the text in her art. She has just inspired me so much, she's one of them figures that really doesn't give a fuck, and for that I love her.

Photographing Models: 1000 poses
I picked this up at my college library as I will be doing a few photo shoots soon and thought this might be of some help. The book has different sections like the angle the photographer should use, styling, lighting, different body poses, facial expressions and more. To be honest it really didn't teach me as much as I thought it would. Though I really didn't know there was that many ways a model can pose. Composition of body position is everything if you wanna get a great shot - something I already knew ;). No I won't be borrowing this book again from the library, but I shall take what I have learnt from it and use it in my next shoot. 

So, that's it! Just a quick review on a few recent books I've bought/borrowed. Hope you enjoyed this post, don't see many reviews of books on blog sites these days, so I thought this would be a great thing to do. Let me know what you think!

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