18 December 2013

Shot by Ted Emmons Stylist: Palma Wright Mua/Hair: Crystal Liz Model: Giza Lagarce

Shot by Ted Emmons Stylist: Silke Labson Mua: Maddie North Hair: Ashley Hall Nails: Destinee Handly Model: Anastasia Krivosheeva

Shot by Ted Emmons with model Xenia Deli

Shot by Ted Emmons Mua: Dana Delaney Hair: Ashley Hall Stylist: Ton Aguilar Nail: Destinee Handly Model: Allie Crandell

I've been feeling very inspired lately and it's all because of this guy, Ted Emmons. He is a fashion photographer from California. Now if there's any photographer I aspire to be like it's this guy. His use of high key lighting very much struck me when I first came into contact with his work on Tumblr. I just love his style and the stylists he collaborates with to make these phenomenal photo shoots. This bring me on to Palma Wright who is a stylist and photographer that I very much admire also. One day I hope to succeed my expectations of my own work in photography and styling, and these two people have inspired me to do so.

Any aspiring fashion photographers/stylists out there: who inspires you?

Check out some of my photography on my Flickr.
Ted Emmons tumblr: tedemmons.tumblr.com


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