22 January 2014

I'm sure you've already seen and heard about Chanel's Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 collection and show. Am I the only one that's going crazy for the sparkly sneakers? If someone gave me $3000 I'd definitely go buy them. I'm guessing Karl was thinking 'I wanna go for a bike ride but look glamourous and rich at the same time' when he was creating this collection. Good old Karl did really think this one threw, how the models just elegantly ran down the stairs and how the skin shined through the cages and fabrics. The collection is pretty breathtaking once you've seen all the pieces. Cara obviously opened and closed the show, as she does but Lindsay Wixson really has done it for me in this show, by far my favourite model at the moment. Also the makeup?! Definitely going to be recreating that look, Karl seems to always be one step ahead of everybody. 

If you haven't seen the full show yet, I suggest you do:

What do you guys think about this collection? I'd love to know your views. 


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