27 February 2014

Every season since Wang has become the creative director of Balenciaga, has been incredible, it has been his best move to date. 
I sat patiently waiting for the Balenciaga FW14 live show to start - it was definitely worth it. 
I loved the use of texture, as Wang continuously pursues and there was leather, fur, bedazzled items, zippers. This collection really does go into detail, you have to be there to see the pieces in full detail to really see them. Though there were a few pieces that stood out to me, like the coats with leather belts and detailing along one side, this reminded me of something very 'Wang'. Specifically the pink coat, I really wouldn't mind having that piece in my closet.
Overall I loved the use of texture, pops of colour and all the tiny details.
Congrats to Alexander Wang!

(More photos to be added soon)

Credits to Tumblr for photos


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