24 February 2014

Me and my best friend set off to Somerset house for London fashion week on the 15th of February for the first time ever(yep it was my first LFW). I wasn't really sure what to accept or what exactly we we're going to do as we had no tickets. It was a very spontaneous 'let's just go' and see what all the fuss is about. After being there for a few hours I came to realise the courtyard is basically a place for photographers, bloggers and anyone who loves fashion to stand around and take photos - or get your photo taken. Also it's a place to network, give out buisness cards, I received quite a few this day and met a lot of talented photographers, bloggers and upcoming designers.

My first day was amazing, stay tuned for my day 2 and 3 and also I have a vlog of the days I was there!

Were you at London Fashion Week?
I'd love to hear how it was for you!


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