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8 August 2015

Hey! So I thought i'd do a quick post on how to maintain silver/white hair. One day i'll write up how exactly I got my hair to this stage, but not today as that post would go on for quite a while. Do let me know if you'd like to do that post though! To be clear, i'm not an expect at my hair, it's quite damaged to be honest but these are just things that have worked for me.

Okay, so first things first is the maintenance of your hair, you need to make sure you use a real good deep conditioner, I use the Osmo conditioner(not in the picture but yeah) which is a strong conditioner and I recommend you leave it in your bleached silver hair for a couple of hours, could even mix it with a TINY bit of silver shampoo, but watch out if you don't want lilac hair. Deep condition your hair once a week or so and then of course have a good everyday conditioner(obviously do not wash your hair everyday) any good drug store conditioner is good. Also use a good oil and hair treatment(lush 'marilyn' above).

Then you need to watch your roots, this is something I absolutely HATE doing because I cannot do the back of my head, but usually I make it work somehow. It's probably way better to get it done professionally but you need to get the roots done every six weeks so it's just cheaper for me to do it myself. I use the cheapest bleach I can find, because they all work the same, just make sure you have the right ratio of developer to bleach and even mix a bit of conditioner with the bleach. Another thing is, while you wash the bleach out put conditioner all over your hair, just to protect even if the bleach gets on other parts of your hair it's so so damaging and it'll probably pull a lot of your hair out so I recommend that.

And of course, finding the right silver shampoo, i've found that a lot of them make your hair purple, or just parts of your hair and it's the worst thing ever. I've tried Fudge, Touch of Silver and Schwarzkopf(above) and the Schwarzkopf one has proven to be the least purple. I think that if the shampoo can lather up and not stay purple once you rub it in it won't make your hair purple, as the Fudge shampoo wouldn't lather up at all and it went rather purpley!

So that's all my tips so far, i've had my hair like this for quite some time now so I thought I ought to do a post on it some time in this journey of silver hair!
If you have any tips for me please do let me know, or if you know any good silver shampoos I should try out as I love trying different ones out.

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  1. I have had my hair like this for a long while now so I thought I should do a post on it some time in this voyage of silver hair.
    Ruby Coleman


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