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10 October 2015

So a lot of people have asked me, how on earth did you go from brunette to blonde to silver and here's the reason! Basically this Salon solved all my hair problems! I wanted silver hair for a long long time but it's the most difficult thing when you have super dark thick hair, I actually had ginger hair for some time before getting this colour and the amount of bleach I chucked on my hair and it still wouldn't get to how I wanted was ridiculous! I finally got to a sort of yellowy blonde about a year ago now, then I did not do my roots for about half a year, I didn't even know how so I didn't want to try. Finally I got some bleach(this was after I dyed my hair pink and blue, basically just on the ends because my roots were so so long) then of course they went yellow AF! 
After a year of doing my hair all by myself I'd had enough, I just wanted it done and done well, so I went to Toni & Guy.... It was... interesting. They didn't do what I wanted AT ALL. All they did was put a strong toner on the roots that washed out within two weeks, it was just horrible and after paying so much to get my hair done I was like no I won't get it done professionally ever again.

So like two months later I came across Butchers I'd heard about it through a few bloggers and it looked like they knew exactly what they were doing. So I went and after like about 4 hours in there Katie managed to fix my hair! I was so happy and it's been great ever since! Couldn't recommend Butchers any more it's amazing, such cute interior design inside it too! It's located in Shoreditch on Hackney Road so if you're ever in the area go check it out.
It's definitely my No. 1 salon now wouldn't go anywhere else!

Just few weeks after I got my hair done:


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