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2 November 2015

So this is new for me, I thought i'd write up a post that was a bit more personal than usual, I mean I hardly ever write on my blog so this is totally different for me. I've always loved writing but if you know me you know i'm just way too lazy. I just wanted to get some things out there that maybe people can relate to - mainly bloggers but other people too. And I wanted to just let everyone know some things, yeah i'm getting deep on my blog because it's MY blog and I can do whatever I like with it.

So firstly i'm not asking for any sympathy after this post whatsoever i'm literally doing this for myself and I don't even except anyone to read it, because I know my main target audience is just for my looks and not what I write on here, i'm going to stop with this disclaimer and get on with it.
Now I'm not that normal blogger who posts all the time and has so much motivation to do so and there's been a few reasons as to why lately I don't want to go fully into detail but I went through a huge break up and I still am, I don't even know how exactly anyone deals with this kind of thing. Feeling not good enough is probably the worst thing to have on your mind 24/7. I don't even know why I am talking about this here. But fuck it, i'm a lot better at coping with things now so I guess that's why I wanted to write about it. On top of that my close friends were going through their own break ups, which felt so serial, like why? It just made a huge sad group of friends.
Moving on... I was bloody ill for like a whole month and had no motivation to even go into uni or try on any of the projects which looking at my grades now has made me feel any worse about everything.
Yet i'm still trying to get posts out there and use social media when you feel like utter shit. Social media really does annoy me at times how I can make my life look perfect and then look at other people and think yeah I wish I were them, when you don't know half their story. Even snapchat is a total LIE and it's probably the most personal social media out there, though some times I try and be a bit more real but who knows how quick all the people are tapping through your story? haha. It's just been feeling all a bit pointless to me. Like really though what are we gaining?
Reading this back now I've just spoken about so many different things but yeah, I just wanted people to gather how exactly how I've been feeling and just write for once. Maybe i'll write some more in the future it's definitely made me feel a lot better and I think every blogger no matter what kind of blogger you are you should try it!

I got really inspired by the lovely Steph from +Stephanie Toms (Cocochicblog) to just start writing more, so thank you Steph!


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  1. Thanks for sharing. Chin up. Time is a great healer too. You'll be fine.

    Still one of my favourite fashionstas :)

    *Dr Dreps*


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