what to get your girl for christmas

22 December 2015

Giving gifts is my absolute favourite thing to do and I know this is a bit late, but we still have 2 more days to shop right?
Okay so, this is a guide for the guys and girls that need to get their baes or girrrrrl friends something special.. ish.
First of all you should know your girl enough to probably not need to read this! Haha....
This is for a certain type of girl, so like she's a blogger, into makeup/fashion/music, something like that.

1. A t-shirt, from a brand she loves, or something she's into. This is the perfect gift/test that you know her!

2. Sneakers - if someone got me any of these i'd die! Obviously, make sure it's ones she's been eyeing up!
3. Urban Decay Gwen Stenfani Eyeshadow Palette - everyone's obsessing over this palette atm but any palette with a few nudes and skimmers is perfect!

4. A mixtape - who doesn't love a mixtape?

5. Skinny Dip iPhone case - these are so cute and fun to just look at.

6. Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks - best lipsticks out there atm! and the packaging is stunning, we all need one in our makeup collection.

7. Candles - BEST GIFT EVER. 

8. Home Decor - if she's into minimal homeware any of the items below separately are perfect.

Of course a lot of these gifts could be for anyone, so I hope this has helped! 
It almost turned into a wishlist for myself, haha. 
But yeah, make sure you have her in mind, most girls love the little things, it's always the thought that counts!

Thanks for reading!


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