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19 June 2016

Okay so we all know prom season is here and i'm way past going to prom again but if I were going this year i'd pick out some boom ass dresses and i wanted to share with you guys what exactly i'd go in if i could go back. Mostly I don't regret the dress that I wore to prom but it wasn't the 'classiest' dress ever it was kinda of 'princess-y' which most girls that went to my prom picked out too and one thing you don't want is to look back at your prom photos and think why the hell did i wear that?! 

Okay so i've looked around and there's not many sites that do prom dresses that are classy and not too princess like and not too revealing BUT Quiz Clothing actually have a season for Prom dresses, going out dresses and maxi dresses that might be perfect for anyone. 

So I picked out my faves:

This dress is from the Prom dresses section on Quiz Clothing, it's the Mocha Chiffon V Neck Detachable Cape Maxi Dress and I think it's beautiful! And such a perfect colour, feminine and floaty I'd definitely love to wear this to prom.

This one is from the going out dresses section on Quiz Clothing, this dress is stunning! It's the Navy Arm Cuff Fishtail Dress and I feel like I need it right now, definitely don't need to wear this just to prom as well! This pared with a statement necklace for your prom would be perfect or it could be your dress for the evening!

Lastly this dress is from the maxi dress section on Quiz Clothing and it's a bit more casual. It's the Navy Crepe Turtle Neck Long Sleeve Maxi Dress This pared with some strappy heels would be stunning also. Can be worn a million times after so it's not just a one off dress, and also if you don't wanna go crazy for prom this is perfect for you!

So that's the kind of dresses i'd wear to prom if i could go back hope this has helped anyone that's going to prom this season, good luck if you are and have fun!

Do check out Quiz Clothing for more dresses etc!


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