Conflict to confidence

25 August 2016

recently I’ve noticed i like to feel body confident even though my mind likes to tell me otherwise. pushing these thoughts and comparisons out of my head help to keep a clear view of what you actually feel about yourself as a person and in the mirror.

firstly my ego likes to tell me that everything is horrible about me and therefore its so difficult to just be like no i can just chill looking like this, so i hate to say it but the only way to satisfy my horrible ego is battling against it and working on the things ‘i’ hate.

deep down i know theres nothing wrong with the way i look and the way you look and slaying a lingerie shoot should be the way it is but i can’t always justify that and push myself to do anything like that and then feel like i looked a tad good. 

i thought i'd share a few things i do to feel a tad more body confident...


so i don’t really know what I’m telling you guys here but things that work for me in feeling body confident is;
working out - majorly physically and emotionally, this helps stress levels immensely, i can’t stress over how i look after the gym I’m just waiting to take a shower, lol. but really i haven’t seen physical evidence that the gym is working out for me, no pun intended but its one of the most therapeutic things i do on a daily basis, any kind of exercise is great for you at any time of the day.

mind set - better your mind before your body, theres nothing more powerful than this i recommend everyone to read the power of now by elkhart tolle, don’t question it just get the book sit down and you’ll learn everything you need to about everything - no joke.

lastly just do what you love if you love getting photographed(like me) do it who cares if your ego tells you your an idiot or if anyone else tells you otherwise but lets face it you are your worse enemy but nothing stands in the way of love, every kind.


Also you can’t be body confident every second i doubt the prettiest person in the world feels that just remember that no one is perfect, i know I’m 1000 miles from it!

hope you enjoyed this post something a bit different from me!


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  1. Exactly, you can't be perfect and you can't be 100% confident every single moment of the day. It's just not possible. Acceptance is key.

    S .x


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