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30 August 2016

Yep so here's my top 4 nude matte liquid lipsticks ever! 
I've tried a few other drug store ones so out of drug store i think that nyx and sleek have the best consistency for matte liquid lipsticks, nyx will forever win though!
As for high end, not sure if colour pop is high end? but jeffree star and colour pop is all I've tried. From the swatches i did it looks like colour pop wins but I'm not sure if thats because I've used more of the jeffree star(i use it to contour) plus it seemed like there's less product than the others. I've also noticed when you get to the end of this liquid lip it looks like a different colour.. the consistency has changed completely! It's now less brown and more nudey pink! Which i kinda love btw!
I love the one by colour pop but sometimes its too pink for me so i usually mix in with a brown lipliner.
So here's what they are:
Jeffree Star in Posh Spice
Colour Pop in Chi
Sleek in Birthday Suit
Nyx in Soft Spoken

I purchased jeffree's on his site, colour pop on amazon(for a ripe off price when they're only $6) and sleek and nyx in boots.

If anyone knows a drugstore uk dupe for Posh Spice please send a link my way!


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