Whats in my Rebacca Minkoff?

3 August 2016

Hey guys just wanted to talk about my current favourite mini bag, I'm quite obsessed with all things small so I had to get my hands on a mini bag! and I just prefer them to carry loads of stuff if I'm going shopping or trekking around london.

So firstly I have sunglasses I always take a pair with me even if its not sunny sometimes you gotta hide away from people haha
Then I usually bring some kind of perfume, my favourite right now is coco chanel which I have been loving for years!
My trusty louis vuitton purse which I'm obsessed with!
Some liquid lipstick, I can't wear anything else! This one is Chi by Colour Pop.
Then just my keys with some cute key chains!

Usually this is all I keep in my mini bag!
Not too exciting but hope you enjoyed.


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