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3 September 2016

Hey everyone!

Today I'm bringing you some of my favourite music, which came out in August!
If you're a music junkie like me you'll know August was a good month for music. So I'm gonna talk about which albums or songs or ep's have got me non-stop listening to! 

1. Handstand Parade - don't know who they are? Let me tell you.. They're a lil alternative band from reading oh and the lead singer happens to be my boyfriend. Not trying to plug but they're one of the best small town bands I've heard so far. If you like the sounds of The 1975 I promise you you'll enjoy this kinda music. Go listen to them here

2. Tory Lanez - Loved this artist for a while now, ever since I heard Say It, how his voice can do that though idk but he's definitely becoming one of the best rapper/singers of our time. His album just came out and I've been loving it so much, some of the best music to dance to tbh! So far in his album I'm loving Luv and Friends With Benefits. 

3. Partynextdoor - when people ask me who is this I can't help but laugh. If you like Drake and The Weeknd you'll like him, but I'm guessing you've probably heard of him then tbh. There's not much to say other than his become my favourite artists, maybe even more than The Weeknd idk!
P3 came out this month too and so far my favourite songs are Only U, 1942, Joy, Don't Know How... I like them all really! 

4. Frank Ocean - if you're anyone you know he came back after four long years of not releasing any music. We knew it would happen and I literally can't believe he actually came out with an album, music video and another hour long video with different music! He's actually made my year coming back thank you Frank Ocean for blessing us with your spiritual voice again! My favourite songs from Blonde are Nikes, Ivy and Nights but they're all perfect. 

That's all from me, hope you enjoyed this! 


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