Autumn life update

12 September 2016

Just wanted to tell you guys that i'm not going to be blogging as much anymore...okay I'm not giving up blogging no but i won't be here as much for the next year* as i'd like to be as i'm on my third year of university. It sucks because blogging is all i want to do at the moment. But my reality is that i have to finish what i started...
And that's it really, i'm going to try and post loads but i can't guarantee that I'm gonna post every week like i've been doing.
I actually want to start youtube when i'm back at university as we have a nice little apartment that's probably perfect for filming and photos etc so you never know i might get better at posting but i don't want to ignore all my uni work.

Okay so i will be back FULL time blogging next year hopefully i get the chance to become a full time  ish blogger as i dream to be.
If you do miss my blog, which i know some people just read my blog and not my socials(which is news to me) please go over to my instagram, twitter, Facebook and snapchat. Or if you don't care about them check back now and then i'll have stuff posted as i cannot give up this blog for that long.
Also if you want an update on my university life and work as a third year student i'd love to show everyone what i'm working on, should have random post on instagram soon as it'll take up my entire life for the next year!
Oh yeah, even though I may not post much I still have things coming up, outfit posts and collabs and also a new blog design!(I know this ones old)

products: nude by nature - powder, stick highlitghter and palette, marc jacobs perfume, gold choker - quiz clothing

Just wanna thank EVERYONE that's followed me throughout the years I know theres not many but who has and the newbies thank you so much, it means the absolute world to me!

Love you guys



  1. Good luck in your 3rd year, I'm about to start mine as well. Kind of annoying when I'm just starting to get in to blogging but hopefully I will find the time to post still! Love the choker is these pictures by the way! XX

  2. Wish you the best luck at university! I hope you can keep up with blogging since you seem to really love it. xx

    Sofia |

  3. Good luck for uni! I too want to start a YouTube channel when I finally get round to purchasing a MacBook! X

  4. Good luck on your 3rd year at university! I just followed you on instagram, and let me say, your feed is poppin'! Haha, I want to start a YouTube channel too in the future, whenever I get a nice camera.

    Kathlyn | Kathlyn's Korner

  5. Ooh awesome! Good luck in your 3rd year! x


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