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17 October 2016

Dress - Boohoo | Boots - Public Desire

Hey people!

So today I thought id talk about the truths about being a blogger, I’m going to be brutalllyyyyy honest here as its my blog why not?

So theres many many good points to talk about within blogging so I’m only going to talk about a few because theres SO many things I could say haha and there is a few things that annoy me about blogging I’m not going to lie, but saying this the good still weighs out the bad 100%.

Well firstly we get free shit, yeah we do I’m sure you know by now and if you’re a blogger you know its a perk of the job, could be the best perk?
People always ask me how do you have post everyday or how you get sent so many things and well i don’t compared to bigger bloggers. 
Sometimes we get stuff we’ll blog about as a collab(unpaid) and sometimes its for an ad(paid) and sometimes 'just because’! 
A collab and an ad we have to blog and speak about but i don’t accept them unless i think my readers and i will enjoy the product.
Then sometimes we receive stuff just because and we don’t need to post about it.
Tbh I’m still learning about these perks of the job I’m not exactly the big blogger atm so.

Something that isn’t great about blogging is well, the emails from random brands that just don’t know how to speak to a blogger or anyone haha! 
As in they list things you HAVE to do with no freedom or simply forget who they’re trying to contact by putting '#name’ instead of my actual name! haha
Or ones that offer you about $1 for a blog post which is like pennys here?! 
Some brands really do just like to take advantage of smaller bloggers its true! 
Also for me as a smaller blogger i think most brands don’t offer any budget when you ask. Pretty much every time i’ve asked through email I’ve had no reply! 

So yeah some of these things really do annoy me but all in all i love blogging and id be doing it NO matter what! 

If you enjoyed this post and want to maybe hear more do let me know!

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