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24 October 2016

Today i may actually paste my dissertation into this blog post... Okay no but i want to talk about some things that my dissertation is based on.

I've always had such a passion for spiritualism, as i was discovering what that word meant i was also discovering blogging, fashion and photography so you can see what my key interests are in my life.
Not going to lie, an ex of mine handed me a book called 'The Power of Now' and it's changed my entire life ever since. Obviously not knowing pretty much anything about spiritualism and then reading that book it was SUCH a shock to my system that i didn't realise what any of this was yet. I literally felt like I learnt more about myself in the days reading that book than I had in my entire life up until then.

After reading it i found out that i had an intense interest in spiritualism, and since then I've been researching into it, reading about it, meditating, telling people about it...("heres this book..") I'm sure if you're into this you can relate right?


Anyway so I just wanted to state a few things we should be grateful for as gratitude is one of the main objections in spiritualism!

1. Be grateful for all your senses.

2. Be grateful for the people around you.

3. Be grateful for the roof over your head.

4. Be grateful for food.

5. Be grateful for your health.

So yeah all very simple things but we often forget such simplicities of life. Once you remember all these things and say them to yourself everyday you can then help others.
I forget these things too, but i always make sure I'm grateful for something each day even if it's the smallest thing, just remember that gratitude betters you and your well-being and also others around you, its never a selfish thing.


Working on yourself and creating that space in your head actually makes the world better.
Being more mindful doesn't just make your life better.

"It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up."
- Eckhart Tolle

Hope you enjoyed this!

These kind of posts are going to keep coming!


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