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13 October 2016

Hey everyone! 

So todays post is going to be all about eyelashes I’ve grown such an obsession with them throughout the years and so i wanted to just talk about which are my absolute favourites and what styles i think are the best!

Firstly thank you to Welovelashes for sending me over some stunning lashes, they have such a wide range of all the best brands of lashes! Actually think they have pretty much every brand?! That i know of!
Do check them out if you ever can’t find your favourite pair of lashes on the direct site falseeyelashes.co.uk will probably stock them!

So i like my lashes to be bold and dramatic! and also be the kind you can wear in the day time so i go for the lashes with gaps in them, also i enjoy this shape as it shows the rest of your eye makeup sometimes with gathered lashes you can’t even see your liner and can almost make your eyes look smaller. As i have big eyes(well I’ve been told) id rather keep them that sort of size!
Next WISPIES I have always loved a good wispy lash like the Ardell Demi Wispies they have always been a favourite of mine. 

So my absolute FAVOURITES right now that i cannot get enough of are the Demure lashes in ‘Aubrey’ I have to shout out to Demure here as they’re absolute BABES for making the BEST lashes I’ve ever ever tried. IF YOU HAVENT TRIED THESE WHAT ARE YOU DOING. They’re such a good price for the best as well. When I got my first ever pair i literally wore them out as much as possible. They always sell out btw BUT falseeyelashes.co.uk usually stocks them if they’re not on the Demure site so go get them please - it’ll change your life and this aint even an ad haha.

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you’re ever too scared to try them out please don’t be, only because I’ve heard a few girls saying this to me, if you do your research you won’t damage your actual lashes so go ahead and try em!


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