Iceland in Autumn

22 October 2016

Hey everyone!

So about a week ago I was travelling around the beautiful country that is Iceland. I thought i'd quickly share some photos and tell you what i got up to while i was there. We stayed in a small town called GrindavĂ­k which is where the Blue Lagoon is located and we stayed in a hotel called Geo hotel and it was about a 10 minute drive from the Blue Lagoon. I definitely recommend staying in the Geo hotel, if you mainly just want to visit the lagoon! 
I was mostly excited to bath in the lagoon and as you can see it's absolutely stunning! Looks a million times better in person though, that water is breathtaking! The baths are so relaxing as they heat them up its basically a massive hot tub and then as the air is freezing it makes it feel even better!
As it's autumn Iceland is quite cold right now so if you're planning to go make sure you pack the right clothes, as I didn't haha! You need loads of jumpers. 


Other than going to the lagoon we walked around the town and basically just relaxed in the hotel. We also was waiting to see the Northern Lights but sadly didn't. I definitely plan to go back soon, its such a relaxing place to be if you just wanna get away for a bit.

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  1. Your photo skills are amazing! This looks like such a beautiful place :)


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