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21 November 2016

Hey everyone! 

Today I wanted to talk about something thats been annoying me for a while now, and yeah you guessed it from the title it's losing followers, typically on instagram. It's something that probably everyone that blogs or whatever has gone through and lately its just been annoying me more than usual as it happens so often.

I swear this wasn't always a thing within instagram, you wouldn't lose 10 followers a day would you?
I don't know whats really happened with instagram or if its just me but i find myself checking literally 10 times a day because i know i will have lost a few in a space of a few hours.


 jumper - whistle candy | coat - miss selfridge | boots - ego | bag - rebecca minkoff

Lets be honest it really shouldn't get to me but it does and i just keep feeling crappy when i don't have anything to post and therefore lose like 20 followers. I really wanna know though is it just smaller bloggers that go through this as usually most bloggers i know seem to gain followers.

It's super frustrating when your prefer quality over quantity though i don't think the people of instagram seem to want that? I seem to have to at least post twice a day to even gain but i guess thats not the point. I do honestly feel like i can't go a day without posting because i will lose followers, i mean i love blogging and posting on there but its like society just wants a lot from you to ever get recognition these days.

Instagram is one step forward and two steps back nowadays.

If you have any idea how i can make my follower count not just go down all the time that isn't just constant posting please let me know as i don't really know any other way at the moment!

Thanks for reading this random rant!

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  1. Girl I feel you! It seems like the bigger blogs are getting bigger and the smaller blogs are getting smaller. Sometimes I feel like the struggle to stand out is a waste of time and it does get draining! Sometimes I feel like my hard work is only seen by my mum! ��

  2. You look gorgeous! And I totally feel you, I think also sometimes it isn't your fault but instagram getting rid of older and perhaps inactive accounts, don't worry :) x


  3. I completely understand! In past weeek I've gained 19 followers , (which is a huge deal to me) but then I've lost 13 of them this week. So strange and frustrating!


  4. I'm going through the exact same thing, i lose and gain followers every day. I have under 2,000 followers and seem to yo-yo back an forward about 50 followers and it's so hard to know what to do, know why they unfollow or how regularly to post.

    Emma at www.collagemepretty.com


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