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2 November 2016


Hope everyones having an amazing autumn! Were slowly approaching my favourite season and i just wanted to get everyone in the mood for the magical winter months so heres a few reason why i love winter.

I love when its cold, cold means big coats, layering, cuddles, snuggling up in a massive blanket, more cups on tea and of course gingerbread lattes!

Festivities, i love decorating the house, going to christmas parties, dressing up in a sparkly dress, being with family, christmas food and just everything around christmas!

Giving presents, i really do prefer to give than receive presents theres just something so special about it.

This brings me on to late night shopping! I'm definitely someone who prefers shopping in the evening i literally can't wait for this!

Christmas lights and decorations in town. I love how every town does this makes me feel a lot more in the mood for Christmas. Imagine if they weren't there? I'm so grateful for them!

SKATING and winter wonderland! This is the main reason why i adore winter, as i was/am a figure skater when they bring out the ice rinks at christmas and i get to take all my friends and family skating its literally the best thing in the world to me, if you're in London definitely make your way to winter wonderland soon as they have an amazing rink and also the national history museum rink is stunning! A lot of small towns have these rinks too so look for them!

I know this is super early to talk about Christmas but festivities usually start just after halloween right?

I am just about 10 times more excited for the next town months now, i hope you are too!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Girlll I love that coat! Really suits you! Love this time of year too, its my faveeee!

    Robyn xo


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