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5 December 2016

Sadly im not doing blogmas, which sucks i wish i could post something everyday but my life is just kinda hectic right now!

However, I'm going to up my game with posts this month and i want to create at least 20 this month. I also feel that instagram is starting to ruin my feelings towards my blog and blogging in general as i lose followers and don't have much engagement and also a lot of other bloggers have been feeling the same about this, so i just want to go back to old school blogging and not always have social media involved. 


So today i wanted to talk about how i balance blogging and university. For me it hasn't really been that difficult, honestly ive only upped my game about 6 months ago as i'm very much so more into it than i was when i started university plus in my first year it took me so long to adjust to my surrounding. It was a whole new world and life for me i didnt know how to make friends so i basically had one friend for a year and then suddenly things changed and i found friends but then the beginning of my second year was a mess(as i was going through a breakup) therefore i think ive only really just cleared my mind of the negativity in my life and i could freely blog and do exactly what i wanted to do.


I literally feel like blogging took over them negative dramas and therefore i had the time to blog. Plus i stopped going out and having a major social life(not that i had one).

I think with university if you have the work organised and not go out much you can pretty much fit in part time blogging and im the living truth of that. Also i guess it depends on your course, how much work you get and how much effort you're actually going to put into it.


If you're like me, education is just not for you. Not gonna lie i just didnt know what i wanted to do before i came to university, so i thought it would be a good idea to waste more time by sticking through higher education. 

If this is a shock for you, dont worry a lot of people i know feel the same way about 'waste more time' until they know what they're doing. Not that ive found what i exactly want to do other than blogging.


Anyway, i simply balance university with blogging with priorities as in if i have a deadline i work towards that but if i have a blogging deadline im going to do the one i get paid for first. 
Uni is still important to me and i always get my deadlines done but i think that if you really want to blog at the same time you have to have that need and want to still keep it up in your priorities plus leave the drama and negativity behind!  

Hope you enjoyed these photos by the amazing Katherine, and this adorable dress was made by my good friend Ivi, do check them both out!


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  1. This look is absolutely gorgeous, and you are stunning! I love your hair ❤️ x

    Jessica |


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