christmas gift guide 2016

1 December 2016


Today I'm going to go through a few 'budget' presents and stocking fillers with you!
These are items to get for friends and if anyone handed me any of these for Christmas id definitely be very happy! 

1. Perfume gift set - I absolutely love this Ghost fragrance one! Such a throw back sent friends and family would love this one! Or anyone other gift set, definitely think its thoughtful if you have their favourite perfume/scent in mind!

2. Books - i think books is one of my favourite things to receive for Christmas, it shows thought and how much you know a person! Also stationery! A planner is something everyone needs, kikki.K have the cutest stationery I've seen so far!

3. Watches or dainty jewellery - I for one love jewellery to receive whenever basically but when buying for someone i know that this can be kinda difficult because i think people and i have always got a particular taste in metals and pedants etc. Its probably best to see if that person wears much jewellery in the first place and go from there and find something similar. Shore Projects is a watch brand I've loved for years they're definitely worth checking out!

4. Makeup - who doesn't love makeup? these cute little eyeshadows from Nude by Nature are the PERFECT stocking filling ever! If you're a makeup lover or even just starting off with makeup i think these are such a cute gift!

Hope you enjoyed this little Christmas gift guide!
Might do a 'big' present guide next!


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