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12 December 2016

When i was younger i used to find it really hard to keep relationships, whether they were romantic or friendships it was always always difficult. But now that im older it's not as difficult(its still pretty difficult) but i've really learnt that it's more about yourself than the relationship and having that alone time that really helps so so so much in any relationship. 
With my best friend now, i dont seem to see her that often but when i do it's probably the best thing ever and it really makes me appreciate life and her and just that theres someone as incredible as her in the world and its exactly the same with my boyfriend. 

In romantic relationships i've always thought you have to be together all the time/text/call/talk ALL THE TIME for it to be something substantial and basically work. But i know now that that isnt the case. More its the opposite, and of course people love differently if you havent taken the Love Language quiz go do it but im pretty sure that it's why a lot of relationships out there dont work. 
I'm no expert btw this is just the way things work for me.
I've lived with someone before and living with someone can be the biggest test of your relationship EVER. Yep that'll come one day for my current relationship but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Anyway, i literally feel that when you are with someone all the time you almost lose yourself, it's like that feeling you get when you break up with someone and all there is is you left, yeah i need that all the time even when i'm in a relationship. Otherwise i'm lost, im not me, who am i? 


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So, what i'm trying to say is make time for you, even when you're together and living together. 
You're a whole person, this other person doesnt make you who you are.
This was just something i've learnt recently that's helped me through any relationship. If theres someone that thinks they dont need a lot of me time please comment and explain to me how it works haha. 


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