two thousand and seventeen goals

30 December 2016

Hello people! 

Today im bringing you my goals or things i want to happen in 2017, a few of them are things that are definitely going to happen and others i will push myself to accomplish! 

So have pretty much done these posts every year and i enjoy reflected and seeing if i actually accomplish what i want for the year. As last year i accomplished nearly every one of my goals, for example i said i wanted to be able to speak to the camera and have the confidence to and i’ve managed to make one video for youtube and publish it, i know its like nothing but i still did it! And i definitely managed to blog way way more this year and that was my very first goal!


So my goals for 2017 are as follows..

  1.  Make Youtube a regular thing, i’ve asked for one the of best cameras to vlog with for my birthday so, if i don’t have a lot of videos done by the end of the year ill hit myself haha
  2. Finish university and graduate.
  3. Find a good job.
  4. Exercise, dance at home more.
  5. Move back nearer London.
  6. Just feel confident with my mind, body, soul.
  7. Actually do the lists i write down.
  8. Stay on top of things, be more prepared for things months in advance.
  9. Move in with my boyfriend.

And thats it! I didnt wanna have too many that were out of my reach but yeah, i think i can do them!

Hope you liked! Do let me know some of your goals for 2017 or link your posts!


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