what i got for christmas 2016

29 December 2016

So i love these kinds of posts, so i thought why not do a quick one cause i got a few bits which im very grateful for. Of course im not bragging about it, blah blah you know!

Firstly, i received a few beauty and skincare products. The first was this Elizabeth Arden 8 hour gift set! i've literally always wanted to try the 8 hour cream so now i have the whole set i cannot wait to try it out!
Then, a miss sporty nail polish set from which was from my skating coach, that was rather lovely of him as i wasnt expecting anything! Mini next perfume set from my brother. Some lush bath bombs, always love getting them for christmas! A mug from Anthropologie, and some lovely underwear from Boux Avenue!
From the boyfriend, he kinda spoiled me rather a bit on Boxing Day so they counted as presents. So he got me some Simmi shoes, which i cannot wait to style, a Victoria Secret lingerie set :O! and a Kimono AND a nude velvet tracksuit. He literally spoiled me so much this year i cannot thank him enough!

So yeah! im honestly so grateful to of gotten these presents this year, so thank you to everyone that got me something!
Other than that i had a lovely Christmas at home with my family and then a lovely day with my boyfriend on Boxing Day!

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas, and i wish you a happy new year, buttttt i have a few more posts coming just before the year ends so look out for that!


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  1. I've always wanted an Anthropologie mug! They're so cute. Great post as usual. x


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