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11 January 2017

i've probably had the shittest start to my year ever. No lie, so i've taken a major break from posting on social media, my blog everything. It sucks because i feel so behind and that im being forgotten about, but like people make come backs all the time right? 

Im not going to go into full detail but something happened that literally pulled my self esteem down so low, AND it was on my birthday, which is funny as i've cried every birthday ive had since i was like 17. But if that part of my day didnt happen i think it wouldve been the best day of my life yet, thanks to my boyfriend and friends. 

This shoot feels like a better time tbh, 2016 seems like it was actually one of the best years of my life though some terrible things happened, i think i grew the most and made the best friends, and got into the best relationship i could ever ask for. 

Anyway i'm trying so hard to not lose all hope in this year and give up on everything which i have started to do slightly. I think this year i'll have to try so hard to be motivated to do anything, as i can feel my depression coming back, i literally havent felt depressed since summer of 2015. It sucks but i havent wanted to do anything at all since this year started.

I'm not going to make this a negative post, as this is actually my favourite shoot/outfit i've ever done. Actually looking at these photos makes me happy(THANK YOU KATHERINE U BABE) If you love this outfit please comment it would make me so happy.

Hopefully ill get back on track soon.

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