workwear styling

28 January 2017

ok na i dont have a cool sassy job where i can wear this outfit buttttt i dont sort of count uni as my work time therefore i would definitely wear something like this to uni. Basically keeping the work shoes, and classic white shirt and working with them two items and dressing it up a bit more. You could even through a blazer over this to make it a bit more work-formal.

I collabed with Missy Empire for this post as they kindly sent me a few pieces and this satin silky shirt was something i picked out as it seemed like a staple piece i need in my wardrobe. I love a good white shirt but i love this one even more as its satin! Im rather obsessed with anything satin atm! 
All items(or alternatives) will be linked below!

Photos by Katherine McMorran

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  1. You are crazy gorgeous, such beautiful hair! I love this outfit too, I would definitely wear this to work. So much more interesting than black
    Christy x


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