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14 February 2017

Happy Valentines day!

i thought id write something for my boyfriend today, not just because it's valentines day but because recently we hit 1 year and i thought why not? 
So im going to address my boyfriend Shaquille from now.
i cant write you a song and sing you it WHERES MY SONG SHAQ?! so i thought i'd write you something here..

I dont really know what to say that isnt the lamest thing ever but i love you(Roy woods - love you just came on how weeeeeird haha) to the moon and back and i havent felt this type of way for someone in my lifetime. I've not had the patience to want to love someone, but with you it's like nothing. It's just weird that i've found someone who is actually nice and loving at this age. And it's beyond anything i could've wanted. I can be myself with you and listen to whateverrrrr music because were into the same music and thats kinda hard to find haha. 

You've made me feel better in the shittest of times and looked after me. Basically i attracted exactly what i wanted in someone and you came to me, after all them times i attracted the complete wrong person.

The fact that we can argue and we still love each other after is a whole new thing to me. You honestly deserve the world with how nice of a person you are and you dont even know it. 
I'm incredibly grateful that you're in my life. 

On a lighter note i hope you love your present and have an amazing day.

And thank you for taking these photos for me and the beautiful lingerie, you're honestly too good to me.


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