finding opportunities and getting yourself 'out there' as a small time blogger

3 March 2017

I've been a small time blogger for quite a while now, probably on and off for about 4 years, and i've had a few opportunities here and there so i basically just wanted to talk you through how i got some amazing opps!

I've mainly worked with some small brands and some larger brands in my days and i remember my first year blogging when i had under 1k on instagram and like no views on my blog i still managed to somehow get contacted by brands. 

Now i've no idea about blogger reachout and how pr's choose what they want in a blogger but i do know constancy is a major key, even if your followers and views don't go up brands will notice if you're always trying to be consistent. 

Brand reachout for yourself is good too, email as many PR's as you like to get your name noticed and trust me someone will get back to you! Also make sure you have an email signature with all your links, this instantly makes you look like you know what you're doing.

Keep in contact, this is kinda a major thing for me because i know if i didn't reply to an email about a competition i wouldn't of worked with Farfetch or any other brand tbh. 
I try to make sure i reply within a couple of days and not leave a brand hanging even if it's a small opportunity. And being nice is alwaaaaay key!

Lastly, go to events! Go to fashion week! Go to everything you hear of, make contacts, make blogger friends and get yourself out there. I knew no one at my first fashion week, i went ALONE! Now, i probably know everyone(okay not everyone) but you know what i mean. I made friends with all the photographers, bloggers and yeah. Also making friends online, it's a lot easier and our community is great because almost everyone else thats doing the same thing as you is nice!

But thats it really, i really wanted to make this post because i've been getting some A M A Z I N G opps lately, that i can't wait for everyone to see. I literally can't believe some of the brands that have been contacting me! Especially now that i've not been that great with blogging lately, as i'm in my finally year of uni and I'm making an entire collection. But yeah, as soon as i leave uni i know what i'll be concentrating on!
I hope you stay tuned for my journey!



  1. It's always nice to hear of other bloggers' experiences of finding opportunities :) Great tips! x


  2. You made so many great posts dear! Thank you for sharing! And your outfit is stunning <3

    Kinga x

  3. Love these pics and your outfit. Thanks for the tips!
    x Charlotta


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