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20 March 2017

Who says you cant wear all black to prom?!
I genuinely think if i could go back to my prom i'd wear black, its timeless and chic and your photos will look good forever, but no im stuck with pics of me in a white puffy mid length dress and the worst hair and makeup!

Missguided have sorted you out with their new prom collection, they have so much to choose from, stuff thats your classic OOT dresses and not so OOT like this amazing suit im styling. The flares in the trousers and blazer make it less day time 'work wear' and more going out/prom worthy.


The shoes obviously dress it down a bit, but i absolutely loved the detailing on them! 
And also the 'baby' choker definitely gives that edge.

Oh, and my hair, i really thought this outfit just went so well with my hair as my outfit is rather dressy and chic, my hair makes this outfit more young and casjjjj(ish).

Full outfit is linked at the end of this post.

Full outfit links above! Hope you enjoyed this post and if you're going to prom hope this helped!


Imagery by Katherine Mcmorran.
Instagram: @katherine_mc

This post is sponsored by Missguided.

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  1. ADORE this look, like imagine if I actually wore something like this to my prom. Im left in the same embarrassed state when I look back. This look is so chic, love the cirle zip on the boots !



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