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14 March 2017

You know when you romanticise a part of your life, yeah i feel like i know i'll do that about this part in my life in years to come. Though i'm obviously hoping more opps come my way but right now I know shits good. 
And amazing shits happening to all the people around me, so that makes me feel so much better.


I'm about to leave university this year and go into 'the real world' though i feel like im already there with all the other stuff i do, i still feel so horrified to see whats on the other side.
I actually have no idea what i want to do, until i can blog fullllll time. If you have any advice for me please send it over. I do want an industry job for a bit, but i just have no idea what kind. Obviously i have a passion for social media, photography, makeup.. so so many things so i'm not bothered if i do something like that for a bit. 


I do still hope i receive an amazing blogging job or pr job to just fall into my lap, but realistically how would i make that happen, and like soooonish.


I have some amazing opps coming my way atm, so lets hope i get something that pays the bills soon? I don't have my hopes up though, i know i'll have to get a job asap when i leave uni. 


Anyway this shoot is featuring some amazing jewellery i received from Accessorize.
All from the Z for Accessorize collection. I'm wearing a rose gold ear cuff, bracelet, and intial necklace.


Hope you enjoyed this imagery, all by Elliot Maynard.

If you have any advice or comments please leave them below! 

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