6 May 2017

In the last couple of months a lot of subjects within social media have been outted i.e bloggers with fake followers, how brands don't repost people with unretouched photos(thanks to the lovely Georgie for making me realise this) and lately i've just realised how FAKE social media is. 
Like why are we all subscripting to this fakeness? Its not real life, its not genuine, yet theres a part of me that still believes 100% that Sarah Ashcroft has the most perfect life out there, you know what i mean? 

I have a few blogger friends, and tbh i don't see anything about them thats not perfect. And you probably think the same about me, but thats fake news lovely. Sadly I'm edging on over-weight, jobless, have the worst allergies and skin at all times. Also i cry at that fact that i'll never be a victoria secret angel. 
I also edit my photos, facetune and liquify are my best friends, i mean i don't do it like magazines do, but if theres something i don't like ill push it in a bit or remove it. Not gonna lie, it makes me feel like I'm one step closer to that perfect blogger body when in real life its no where near. 


 Top - by me
Trousers - Missguided
Sandals - Steve Maden
Bag - Zara

Now that people have spoken about all the kinds of fakeness on the internet i really wanna try and be more real, taking one step at a time though and also not looking at this like I'm doing it for social media but for my health and confidence in real life.

This has been such a difficult topic for me to talk about so please be kind.


  1. Wow this is so open and honest , lots of respect to you for being truthful it's very refreshing ,



  2. I love the,honesty of this post thank you. Sidenote you're already super cute and i love your hair btw.



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