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2 June 2017

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The last three years have been the worst and the best three years of my life, I could sit here and tell you why exactly my university experience has been the worst thing ever but im not about to bring all the negative words about and make this into a rant about how much I hated it, cause well i didnt. I mean yeah I hated the studying part of uni, usually because I'd never get the grades I wanted. 
But anyway, its done now, there's pretty much nothing I can do, and bringing negative energy into myself and my blog is not what im about.
But, there was some really good parts of my last three years, i did enjoy making and designing clothes, i could imagine studying anything else at university, it was definitely out of my comfort zone and thats exactly why i wanted to just go for it. So now it doesnt matter at all, at least i can say i've done the course that i was really scared to do back then.


Top - Zara(similar)
Shorts - Mango
Shoes - Missguided
Corset - Zara
Earrings - H&M
Kimono - Timm Young

If you've been following me since before i stopped blogging for a while, i love you! It's been such a rollercoaster of a journey but im back, and back for good!

Another reason why university was worth it, was because i met the best people in the world. I met the love of my life there and were now moving in together, so overall it wasnt as bad as i was making it out to be. I also set out to put my all in blogging half way through uni, and i feel in love with it and found out what exactly my passions are. 

I can tell you now that I said to my friends more than 100 times that I was going to leave, yep. But you can push through, even if you think you can't at that moment, things always get better after all!

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