graduating, is it worth it? and the grades i got.

28 July 2017

I graduated from university last week, so I wanted speak about how im feeling about the whole degree thing here.
I spoke about how I was feeling a few posts back so if you read that this wont be news to you but I honestly don’t agree with education at a university level no more. I do wish I didn’t go and just spent time figuring out life and what I want to do without it, maybe then id be there quicker. If it wasn’t for the people I met there I honestly would of left early on in the course.

When I first applied to university this was back in 2012, I had no idea what I wanted to do, I didn’t want to go to university but I explored the idea because we had to, it was compulsory to apply and go through ucas, though I didn’t understand anything what was happening! I remember someone writing my personal statement for me, it was rather bad and I don’t think I ended up getting in anywhere but I don’t remember caring!
Then I decided to work for two years, I also think my first job taught me a lot about life and it was a horrible experience, though I definitely think it was the kind of jobs I had, retail and hospitality are just no for me but Im going to speak about my experience in retail in my next post!



Somewhere between the lines I found a drive, something I never had throughout college and school, and it was an interest for something other than figure skating and it was fashion. So I decided I wanted to work in fashion, and that was all I wanted to do so I thought I need a degree in something fashion related to go with my blog. I actually applied for styling and photography fashion courses and ended up starting university doing fashion photography at Falmouth University. About a quarter of a way through the first semester I hated it, it wasn’t for me, I was so into fashion and everything fashion related I couldn’t do it as the course was more photography based, like what I did in college and I didn’t want to do that again. Luckier enough I got to change courses, it felt like a dream because I never ever pictured doing fashion design and making garments. I had never even made anything before. Anyway three years past and I can say that I can make a garment out of nothing and I know how to sew, BUT was all that stress worth it? If you’ve studied design im sure you know what exactly I mean, the stress is unreal. I guess every course is but now im like I could of stayed doing something I knew and not had that crazy stress. But I did want to do that course for a reason and it because I wanted something new and challenging and I definitely, 100% got that. In my whole life I’ve never done well at education, I do not have the attention span for it I think, also don’t have a good memory, so I failed English twice until I got a B. Therefore with my degree I was never expecting a good grade, I pretty much only passed things throughout the years, only did well on maybe two or three essays but yeah so I ended up graduating with a 3rd which is just a pass. I wasn’t happy with it at first, now I don’t care because I landed a sick job without even speaking about my degree.

Definitely think a piece of paper isn’t worth your time, if you’re thinking about it, especially in the arts. There are so many other things you can do to show you’re better than a degree so I’d just go out and do them first then see if you definitely need it because you cant do everything you want when you’re tied down to education.


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