i have to cover up just because i have a larger chest...

16 July 2017

I've been thinking about this rather a lot lately, don’t know if its because a few bloggers I know have the ‘blogger body’ which seems to be – slim or curvy with a minimal bust if you know what I mean yeah. Not every blogger but most top ones, hola if you agree!
Anyway, when you have this perfect body you pretty much can wear anything, especially if you have a smaller chest. 
Basically anything you can't wear a bra with is not made for girls with bigger chests, every time I don’t wear a bra people stare in stock horror and it's just stupid, why is it I have to wear a bra and smaller chested girls don’t? 
Yet there are soooo many pieces of clothing that you just cannot wear a bra with. 
Maybe im just against boobs but boob jobs make no sense to me at all (of course do what you want) but it's difficult, they’re honestly just difficult to live with and I don’t even have the biggest boobs. 
Also, big boobs sag? WHY WOULD YOU WANT THAT. Nope will never understand it, oh well!


So the point I was getting at was that I wanna be able to wear anything and not get badly stared at, and that means not wearing a bra I hate bras so bloody much.
I've always felt like I have to cover up cause they’re too big for tops but why?
I still would love them to be a tad bit smaller but for now, im not going to be wearing a bra just because they’re too big for a top or a dress you cannot wear a bra with. #sorrynotsorry. I do what I want anyway, I just wanted to see who else feels this way! So let me know if you do.

Disclaimer: not trying to shame on any girls with smaller boobs or big boobs. You've gotta flaunt your body and thats all this was about.

Dress - New Look
Bra - handmade by me
Extensions - Luxuryforprincess 
use code LCNDALUXURY for discount.



  1. Completely agree, big boobs are so hard to dress/ live with. It also amazes me when people can't see that most big perky boobs in the media aren't natural and are then shocked when big boobs in real life sag! Bring on a reduction x

  2. This is so true I have a really large chest and I feel so conscious if I'm not completely covered up mainly because blokes stare at you etc.


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