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28 August 2017

Hey everyone!
So fashion month is quickly approaching, can you believe its September next month already?! I seriously cant! Anywho, I usually prepare for fashion month a couple of months in advance, this time I’ve decided to just give it a month before, as ive learnt that people don’t really reply to emails until closer to fashion week.
If you have no idea what I’m talking about and are interested in going to fashion week, keep reading!

Firstly, I’ve only been to London fashion week, ive been invited to a few Paris shows (I think because some English brands make there way to show at pfw) but I’ve never been so I’m not 100% sure if these things are the same there or at any other fashion week.

The key to getting invites is emailing the designers PRs.
I’m sure most of you know, but on the London fashion week site theres the schedule and along side the that there is downloads and the one you want is called ‘TICKET REQUESTS FOR PRESS’ this is if you’re a blogger of course. There is another way to get into shows and that’s if you have a following over 35,000, which goes up every year. So I have never done that ‘cause my following isn’t even close, haha. I’ve always emailed the PR’s even when I had 1K on instagram.
When emailing explain who you are, your stats and features.
In these emails they have to address the person you’re emailing or just say whomever this may concern, then say what show you want to request for, what season etc. Then go on to who you are, what you do, I usually put who I’ve worked with, just naming a few then list my links and recent or big past features. So if you’ve been in a magazine been or interviewed on a website definitely jot them down!
Email brands you don’t know.
I always email big brands and get declines within 2-3 days, and it sucks but that’s just how it works, so there are usually new brands showing during fashion week so don’t be afraid to email them, the brand could be amazing.
Events, parties and lounges.
On the schedule there are events usually past 7pm, if you click on them there’s usually an email there to RSVP, but I’ve realised some of these events are quite big, and you have to be invited. BUT closer to the time or on the day, if you search twitter or instagram you will always see ‘after parties’ going on and they say to rsvp in the tweet or picture, so it’s good to always check the LFW hashtag or search after parties or lfw events! With lounges brands or PR companies may post about them a week or so before, so just keep a look out and email them!

playsuit - missyempire
shoes - foreverfever
bag - rebeccaminkoff

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Loaning clothing.
I’ve done this almost every season I’ve gone to London fashion week, obviously we all have clothes but its just so difficult to have enough pieces for the week. I usually like to dress as well as I can, like it is FASHION week, haha so going bold isn’t a bad thing. Trust me, I’ve gone to fashion week thinking I’m so dressed up and had to go back home cause my outfit just wasn’t good enough. Most people are going to be in high end clothing, so it’s just making any piece look high end I guess. Back in the day I always wanted to stand out and maybe get photographed but now, I’m not so much into that, I more want to go because I enjoy watching fashion and the shows and seeing all the people I see every season. Which brings me onto the next topic…
Now this is something you’ll need to survive fashion week. It may be your first but I’m so sure if you’re a blogger you’ll know someone that knows a thing or two about fashion week. If you go for a couple of seasons you’ll get to know and make friends with people without even thinking and you honestly wont need to go with someone you’ll just know people there. Last LFW men’s I went to 2 shows and I swear I just knew/spoke to half the people I saw. I saw some people I met at my first ever fashion week which must be 4 years ago now!

Having fun.
Lastly, I can’t tell anyone enough how much fashion week has always been for my friends and me. We would always miss it the day after so whoever you are I’d tell you to go, and you do not need a massive following to go!

So go and experience it and if you see me please please come up to me, its just so nice meeting alone there tbh!

That's enough of my fashion week secrets now, i'll keep the rest to myself but if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me!


Photography by Timm Young


  1. informative article especially for someone like myself who is just starting with fashion blogging!

  2. Great look hun! Love your blog x


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