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9 August 2017

I wanted to talk about this for a while now, I really felt like I didn’t have the best experiences in every day job I’ve had to be honest. But day that I’ve found a day job I actually think is for me and a job that relates to blogging, I thought I’d finally show you the truth about working in retail because I’m never going back – yeah it was that bad for me. I had my first job in a Wetherspoons, which wasn’t retail, but it still was one of the worse experiences, I partly do think this is because it was my first job BUT it was also because the managers there were horrible to me. They pretty much said I was shit at my job, which may have been true haha, just wish they weren’t so harsh.

So my first retail job was at Primark, yeah it wasn’t great, long hours as the store was always a mess, you know if you’ve been in any of their stores its definitely a difficult place to work in. Again, with Primark I didn’t feel like I was good at the job, I had a few moments and a few panic attacks. But it wasn’t actually that bad when I think about it now, I loved the people I met there too. I also had to deal with the worse customers ever as I worked in the customer service part of Primark, I literally had to walk away from a few people while I was on the tills they were that rude. Anyway my last job in retail was a smaller retailer called Crew clothing, lets just say the worse has happened now and I’m done with retail because of that job I had, I also had a few interviews that showed me how much I hated retail, I’m very glad I didn’t get the other jobs but yeah the job I had wasn’t like Primark I really didn’t enjoy my time there but I only spend about two months there so maybe it could of become better in time. I overall didn’t enjoy it and had a few breakdowns because certain people treated certain people badly basically and I’m so glad that’s over. Realistically I don’t really think retail was the kind of job for me having customers and colleagues treat me like shit was not my thing and I definitely saw that kind of job as just something I was making money from and I was not willing to act like I wanted to talk to a load of people that look down on me.

Top - Zara
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