My skincare routine with Tropics Skincare

31 August 2017

I’ve wanted to talk about my skincare routine for a whileeeee, but tbh I’ve only just found my new found love for skincare, like I loved it before but I just wouldn’t be bothered and I would stick to the same products, usually would be Simple as I have very sensitive skin! And then other drug store products or samples I would get from brands occasionally.
I got sent some products from the brand Tropics Skincare about a month or two ago and I’ve definitely fallen in love with all things skin care now, because of this brand. Also it made me reach for other products so I finally have a sort of routine going on including other brands as well.
So firstly, I do have a tip I’d like to share because before when I lived with other people or at my parent’s home I never knew about this. Basically, because now I have my own bathroom (well, shared with my partner) I keep a lot of my skincare bits in there, especially my makeup wipes. This has definitely helped me take my makeup off every night, then I also keep my cleansers in there so I’d do all the steps once I’ve started to take my makeup off!

Morning Routine:
When I wake up, my skin is very temperamental, some days it’s dry, some oily, so it really depends on that first. But if my skins feeling sensitive, itchy or dry I always have to take a shower and use a cleanser and that something like a harsh scrub. So I’d maybe just use a bit of the Smoothing Cleanser by Tropics, only two pumps and then a face wash – usually just use Honey I Washed the Kids by Lush. I then sometimes, maybe twice a week use the Soothing mask from Tropics, this helps my sensitivity so much and gets rid of driness! Then I move on to my room that has my ‘before makeup skincare’ products so I ALWAYS use the Vitamin Toner by Tropics, its so refreshing and so nice to my skin as I have the most sensitive skin ever, I love to just spray that on my face through the day, its honestly the best facial spray I’ve used so far. Then I’ll use the First Aid Beauty’s hydrating mist, this is good for hydration but it’s a bit harsher on my skin but it settles well. Then I’ll use the Skin Revive cream by Tropics – again this is so kind to my skin and a lip balm – atm I’m using Palmers flipbalm its so good and it tastes good haha!
Then I’ll use some Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream and the oil if my skin is feeling very dry, usually all over my neck, around my lips and eyelids – my most dry areas! Then I’ll apply some eye cream, at the moment I’m using Cliniques ‘pep-start’ eye cream.  And that’s it! I’ll let that sit for a while, and then start my makeup!

Night routine:
ALWAYS use the Simple facial wipes to start taking my makeup off with. I’ve honestly tried every makeup remover wipes in the bisss and these all have nothing on the Simple ones! Then once my makeup feels 80% off I’ll use about 3 or 4 pumps of the Smoothing Cleanser by Tropics with the Bambo cloth by Tropics and hot water and just soak it all off until it feels like its 99.9% off! Then I’ll use some Charcoal cleanser – not too much maybe one pump and use my hands and this time with cold water. Then once I’ve dried my skin I’ll use some cotton pads and a toner – I have one from Primark it’s actually okay! Then use Nip+Fab’s Cleansing pad’s, once I’ve done this all my makeup is finally all off!
Now I don’t use any night creams or anything like that because I’ve found when I wake up in the morning after putting lip balm, or moisturizer or ANYTHING my skin is INSANELY dry, I mean so soooo dry it feels horrible, don’t know why or how? But yeah, theres nothing I can do, it’s almost like the stronger the moisture I have on my face the night before the drier I will be in the morning! So when I sleep with dry skin my skin naturally produces oils and I wake up when oily skin, hopefully this is a good thing.

So yeah that’s it! Now you know all of my skin care at this moment, obviously things run out but I definitely will have to get my hands on more Tropics Skincare as I’m honestly in love with that brand!! This is my honest option on this brand and I was not paid to say any of the above. Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you’ve heard of the brand or what you favourite skincare product is right now!



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