Best and worst parts of London Fashion Week SS18

23 September 2017

Okay so when I say worst, I don’t mean the worst designer, I honestly didn’t see one designer I didn’t like, plus if you had a show in fashion week – you obviously worked so hard to get there etc etc, and I definitely look up to all these designers.
Anyway im going to just explain bad moments of fashion week, and be superrrrr honest about it because why not haha.
A bad thing about fashion week this season was definitely the protesters, if you went you would of probably seen them, this happens every year but this time, it was nearly every day, it killed the vibe at the strand but I do agree 100% on the banning of fur at fashion week, I even signed the petition before fashion week because it’s just not needed as you can get faux fur but yeah that just was a shame this season. Another thing was meeting some people I know online in real life, I know fashion week isn’t the place for a good talk or whatever but I just don’t get why some people have to act rude and like they don’t know who you are, and theres so so many people that I saw irl, of course most are lovely but you know whatever I guess not everyone can be nice hahaha.
So the best was definitely seeing all the people I’ve missed throughout the years I’ve not been at fashion week, it felt so good to be reunited with them truly was the best and it was the best thing to get back in that routine of running to shows.
A few of my favourite designers I saw were Clio Peppiatt, Sharon Wauchob, and On and Off. Its also so amazing to see how far some designers have some as I went to some of these shows a couple of years ago and now they seem to be the top shows to go to! Another best part of my fashion week was chilling at The Apartment which is a lounge at fashion week it was honestly soooo nice to hang out there get my hair done, eat, borrow so clothes to wear etc and I cannot wait to get back to that tbh!
And that was it! Hope you all had an amazing time at fashion week, if you went let me know what you fave part was this season!

Photography by Dan K


Skirt - Zara
Top - Preen
Boots - Stuart Weitzman x Russell & Bromley
Bag - Russell & Bromley
Hat - H&M



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