1 October 2017

As its paris fashion week I thought it talk about a trend that’s been around for a whileeee now, I mean Parisian style has been around forever but only recently have berets, stripped t’s, picnic bags etc have really come back. I think theres millions of more items that we have taken from this trend so yeah.
I really like to take small elements from trends to be honest, I couldn’t take everything and fully indulge in the trend. I really like accessories so that’s why I love that hats have become such a huge trend. And the beret is my favourite Parisian trend yet and bucket hats, all hats really!


Dress - H&M
Boots - Steve Madden
Hat - ebay

Photos by Dan K

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  1. This looks so lovely! such an extraordinary botanical print configuration design dress. this Parisian style has been around for eternity. I truly like frill with the goal that's the reason I cherish that caps have turned out to be such a gigantic pattern.
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