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21 February 2018

Hey people, I’m back after a crazy fashion week, but that’s for another post! I wanted to talk about finding my style because I definitely have always felt like I was unsure what I was doing with my style, why I was wearing completely different kind of outfits everyday. You know you go through phases and I really do think they got me where I am today. Growing up I absolutely loved wearing different outfits, things people wouldn’t wear but also wearing some trends here and there, I mean we all did. I think I previously spoke about my history of my style so I’m just going to go through the last couple of years I guess. Fashion week has definitely showed me what I wear and enjoy wearing and what I don’t. I honestly do look back at some things I wore to fashion week and im like why? I’m talking like maybe my first two fashion week, after that I knew what exactly I needed to do and wear. Lets not get too much into fashion week, but it definitely helped me find my style, if you’re unsure about yours, go there see if you get photographed see what’s trending, what looks good in pictures and what suits you.

From pictures I really found what looked good on me, and then of course what makes me feel good and confident etc. I found that I enjoy the prettier garments and then also the comfy ones. So it’s either trainers or heels for me. I like to bring out my curves and I also like to wear baggy clothing. With the outfit I’m wearing here I really do show how I enjoy comfy clothing. This tracksuit is from Tobi, i'm obsessed with the cut of the cropped hoodie and the highwaisted joggers, I knew this would work with my figure and it's comfy so it's just my kinda thing. Tbh if you struggling to find your style, don't worry it'll come to you. It definitely came to me after a long time.
Do check out Tobi for some gorgeous pieces!


hoodie - tobi
joggers - tobi
sunglasses - primark
trainers - yeezys

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