summer '18 styling ft nicce

22 May 2018

Styling outfits in this British weather can always be tricky, i've gotten so used to wearing and picking out items with selves and wearing a jacket on top on clothing, it’s the absolute norm for me in the UK, but the earth is getting hotter, so the UK is changing, we’ve had sun for nearly two weeks this must be a record or something. Anyway, I’m not sure why its been like this but I’m enjoying it for now. It can get difficult if you’re used to throwing on a jacket no matter what the weather in this country. I do pretty much always do this, I do feel like I need a jacket, just in case.

I recently purchased quite a few summer pieces, tops, jeans, and skirts, mainly tops though I can never ever get enough. I love different designs of tops like off the shoulder, one sleeve, and light sweaters – which still work in the warmer weather in the UK. Which brings me to the NICCE logojumper I’m wearing in these photos. I absolutely love mixing feminine pieces with more masculine pieces, I’ve always loved street wear tbh, but there is a massive part about me that enjoys flattering, pretty things.  So mixing them two is my idea of the perfect outfit. Hey, this was my concept in my final project of university. At first I was going to style this outfit with a long flowy skirt, but it just didn’t work. The outfit ended up looking cute and sporty which is such a big trend at the moment. NICCE have some really, really trendy and cute pieces right now, I love the simplicity of all their pieces - an oversized hoodie or jumper is my fave rn. I recommend you check them out, especially the hoodies if you have similar style to me, styling their jumpers or tee’s with skirts and jeans and heels is just the perfect outfit!

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  1. Loving your taste and all pictures!

  2. Well summer weather in the UK, You can say that again. so true. I like the concept and the look . I am a big fun of the shoes, you can wear with many styles...


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