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16 June 2018

shot on my canon 650D, 50mm lens

shot on canon 5D, 85mm lens

I’m not sure why I’ve never spoken about my photography here – actually made I have but not much, so I thought I’d talk you through how I shoot, what I use, what I would like to possibly shoot with in the future and basically what I recommend.
First of all, I used to ONLY shoot on my DSLR I was so against compact cameras, iphone photos everything like that, I was always taking my massive camera out with me because I hated anything worse quality. But now like 7 years on slr’s are not the only cameras that are good quality, my iphone is now the main thing I shoot on and about two years ago I got a mirrorless camera, so things have most definitely changed for me photography wise. I however do still like to shoot with my SLR and when I do I always use my 50mm lens, this is the lens that creates a depth of field so the background is blurry and the object in front is focused. And as my lens goes down to 1.8 aperture this lets more light in so that it’s a lot better to shoot with in low light. In the past I’ve used a 85mm lens, which is the same sort of thing but basically even more so. I’m going to pop in some photos I’ve taken with each lens. You can basically buy these kinds of lenses for any SLR or mirrorless camera – which is great for my Olympus pen.
Recently I’ve been researching into the next best cameras, and there are tons out there, mirrorless cameras seem to be the way the crowd is going, as they seem more advanced than some slr’s. I’ve discovered the Mirrorless 12-60mm Lens Camera by Lumix, this camera has a lot of amazing features like 6K photo, 4K video, and 20.3 Megapixels. So yeah VERY advanced compared to my SLR. This camera is compact but it’s built like an SLR, and is available on the Panasonic website.
I absolutely love discovering new amazing cameras, as my job is taking photos it helps when the quality of the photography is better therefore it gives me tons of inspiration.
FYI the photos I take on my instagram are usually shot on my iPhone 8plus and photos I take for my blog are shot professionally, so on an SLR or mirrorless camera.

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  1. Learned a lot from this post about photography which is a new hobby of mine.


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