My trip to Greece, the prep and the now

14 August 2018

Hi people!
I hate to say it again but yeahhhh its been a while since I posted, I lowkey hate myself. But I’ve got some post ideas ready and I really think they neeeed to be posted soon!
 Okay soooo, I recently went on holiday and I thought id share how I prepared, how it was and how much im missing it now haha.

Pre Greece
Pre-greece, I was so bloody excited and feel like I started preparing late but for me, that’s the best time I get shit done. I need clothes, a spray tan, lashes done, and nails done. Fortunately I got them all done in time. Im ever sooo grateful for the brands that gifted me clothes, not gonna lie, the majority of my clothes were New Look – thanks to them I had some beaut holiday clothes to wear!
I also got my lashes done by Shavata lashes, and I couldn’t recommend them enough, if you’re in Reading (Berkshire) they’re located inside John Lewis. The lash extensions lasted me a good two weeks, I went in the pool with them almost everyday, I wore makeup almost everyday with them and they were fine with being careful around the lash but they honestly made my whole holiday so easy I never needed eye liner or much makeup, I got that perfect minimal makeup look that I wanted for my holiday and felt amazing! Wishing I had them back right now to be honest!

So the reason to my trip to Greece was actually a wedding – my uncles! It was definitely one of the best experiences going to a wedding abroad, seeing how they do things there! Then we stayed for the rest of the week in a beautiful villa not too far from Thessaloniki. The villas were perfect for a family to stay in and of course the poooool, I’ve decided I need a house with a pool 100%! We literally went in it every day and then the beach was about a 10 min walk away, it was a public beach though so very very busy but the beach had some amazing food places on it. We also went to a beach in called Possidi beach, which is basically a corner of the island, so the beach was all around us! I definitely recommend going there if you’re in the Thessaloniki area (just realising how big Thessaloniki is so if you’re in the South of it you’re near!) my geography isn’t great sorry!
We did experience some of the nightlife, but we were out on a Wednesday therefore it wasn’t prime time for clubs, just went to some cool bars. Also the foooood! One restaurant was honestly the best food I’ve ever had! I believe it was called Kassandra restaurant! This is in the town of Chaniotis.

Im so happy I went on holiday, it’s been a while since Iceland, im definitely planning my next time abroad. I’m definitely thinking Bali, where have you been this summer? And would you recommend anywhere?

Loves xo

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