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3 September 2018

outfit: dress - lasula boutique, boots - dr martens, earrings necklaces - romwe/newlook

Can you believe we’re in September already? Ahhh, I’m so excited for autumn, of course the docs and jumpers are OUT. But I’m really really annoyed summer went way too quick. It literally ended when I got back from holiday so I felt rather sad about the weather for the last month.
With fashion week approaching I thought id quickly give you the lowdown on how I approach it. I do have a previous post where I talk about how to get into shows and secrets about fashion week too I’ll link it here.

So I thought I’d quickly just explain to you how to work during fashion week as its super simple and then how to get invites, as that’s quite simple too!

Working at fashion week
Basically I’ve worked during fashion week maybe 3-4 times now and all the experiences have been so different. I managed to connect with magazines/pr companies/apps and therefore working for them during the time, usually indie magazines will always need people to cover shows, so they basically put out on their socials they’re looking for people or you can easily dm them asking for their contact then email/pitch the idea to them. Within the magazine world there’s different roles you could take on i.e photographer, writer, illustrator. So whatever you are that’s what you’ll pitch. If you’re finding it hard to find a company ask around, or I would type into instagram ‘pr company’ or ‘magazine’ then they’ll come up (make sure they’re UK). Previously I’ve worked as a photographer and a writer during fashion week – each of these was obviously completely different but it also depends on the companies connection (I believe) so some brands can also go into smaller shows with the pass or only receive certain invites. The process is always – find location of this seasons fashion week, find registration, hand over a signed document that proves you work with the company and this is how you receive the pass – which only lets you into certain things, however I’ve found you can’t really get into shows with this pass, you almost always have to have the invite or e-invite. Depending on the company you would have to send over the photos or the written edit if you’re a writer that day or early morning the next day – it’s quite a fast paced week so if you’re good with getting stuff done and finding the time between shows then this is definitely for you. Another part of fashion week to work for is the British fashion council, where you work within the unit dealing with people like us, at the reception or at the doors you do get a lot of access to shows this way so could be good experience i'd go to their website and contact them.

Receiving invites

Now it’s pretty easy to ask for invites, but it’s actually making the brand’s pr invite you is what is hard. You basically go to and head to the schedule and download the ticket request for press file. And then send each company an email asking to be invited. In the email you send over include who you are, whom you’ve worked with, your following/stats, pictures and your address. I also include my media kit, which explains more about my blog. Then you basically sit and wait. Check your junk for any automated replies as sometimes they ask you to contact someone else. And that’s that. Of course check my previously fashion week post for more on this!

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