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2 October 2018

London fashion week feels like so long ago, not sure why I didn’t write this sooner, but here we go.
This season I didn’t manage to go to everything, I got a few more invites than usual, with I’m so grateful for but it’s annoying that I cant be in more than one place at a time. Anyway I did go for three ish days, my first day I went Duck and Dry for an event with Prep.Social and then a couple of shows, btw if you hate reading I have a vlog of my few days there so scroll down to see that!
I missed one day then headed to London super early for my second day, I checked into the beautiful St Martins Lane Hotel for the night, as you can see in the pictures, I adored the all white room. I also think they gave me the best room for lighting so, they knew what they were doing I think. The staff there were lovely, I managed to check in early so it felt longer than just a day there, which was amazing, I headed off to some shows after checking in and luckily St Martins Lane is located just down the road from the Strand, the ideal place for your stay for fashion week, definitely recommend this hotel for that.

Also pretty much all the rest of my events and shows not at the Strand were located not far from there. Oh and of course there was multiple areas to get that perfect ‘london’ shot! Its smack bang in the heart of London, so if you’re visiting London this is thee place for a good night sleep and a good old visit. After staying in the most comfiest bed I’ve slept in, I got to experience their breakfast area downstairs which was stunning, to be honest all the rooms in this hotel are unique and beautiful, even the hallway. If you want to see a room tour I’ve included that in my vlog, which I’ll post below. Definitely think staying at St Martins Lane made my fashion week a whole lot better and just convenient.

The overall stay:
location: Right in the heart of London, perfect if you’re visiting London for the first time and want to see all the sights, the National Art Gallery is just a few mins walk, Somerset House and The Strand are very close also great for exhibitions. Leicester Square and Covent Garden are both just a short walk from here too, therefore great for a nice shopping experience, as well as looking at beautiful parts of London. Theres just everything you need around you! 

The sleep: a beautiful double sized bed, white cotton sheets, feathered down pillows. All you need really for a special night sleep. Lighting is just by your head to switch to a colour to set the mood for your sleep or for you to wake up nicely. Big bold windows with blinds that let no such light in, but let all the beautiful light in when pulled back into this stunning all white room. All for the perfect night sleep.

The breakfast/staff/reception area: as I woke up at 7am to go downstairs to receive some breakfast I was nicely greeted at the front desk of the restaurant area. Then taken to a small table(eating alone but still cosy) and I made my choices of food, as I’m vegetarian and don’t eat eggs or milk, they accommodated a lovely breakfast tailored to my needs, it was absolutely wonderful. There was also a buffet of pastries and fruits and all cold breakfast that I also tried - again amazing food and loads going for us. The staff at St Martins Lane were more than accommodating, I arrived early the day of checking in and they let me check in early, which was possibly the kindest thing so I had time to unpack and go back to the hotel after shows etc. They were just so lovely the whole time I stayed there, seemed very friendly also, had a bit of a late check out too so twas overall an amazing stay. I couldn’t recommend this hotel more. As stunning as the room was, the reception area is just as beautiful and breathtaking, almost felt like another country.

Check out St Martins Lane hotel if you're looking to stay in London any time soon. And do watch my vlog below for a tour of the room and more images of my stay at St Martins Lane Hotel.

watch my London Fashion Week vlog below xo

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