18 October 2018


I couldn’t be happier that autumns here, basic-ly it’s my favourite season after winter. You get to wear jumpers and not want to rip your clothes off every second like I do in the summer – ugh. I do miss summer, and holidays, and bikinis and ice cold drinks in the sun oh and swimming pools. Okay that’s enough. Though I do understand how were naturally happier in the summer, as we need the sun and the vitamin dddddd. And then winter makes us depressed, yet we love it? Don’t tell me you don’t agree with that haha. To be honest there’s been some amazing happy moments more in my winters, but then some lonely depressing times. If the sun was out all winter and it was cold and snowing I’d be the happiest person in winter too! But no this is e n g l a n d and rain is it’s one true love. I love England and the ‘culture’ though I’m not sure I could move away for ever, could you? Naaaaa hehe.
So moving swiftly along, I’m styling some new jumpers here today, and im uber excited to share with you these, as they’re definitely some very on-trend styles and all from Femme Luxe.
First I’m styling this this cream oversized knit jumper, definitely prefer this tucked into some jeans or a skirt, if the weather wasn’t too cold I’d wear some jean shorts and some knee high boots with it.
Secondly is this cream loose fit cropped knit jumper – it’s the softest and cosiest jumper I have to be honest, I need this in every style possible because the material is just perrrrfect.
Then I’ve got the coolest jumper ever - this neon lime jumper, I put this on my story the other day and people already loved it – it’s basically a dupe for the Zara one that doesn’t exist anymore(out of stock nation wide pretty much). AND it’s way cheaper which is perfect, Zara quality isn’t exactly god sent therefore not always worth it.
Do have a look what else Femme Luxe has to offer this a/w, I’m loving so many things – need a jumper dress next defoooo!

this is a sponsored post with femme luxe

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