is it negative or am i just being real.

12 November 2018

I've realised lately that whenever I read blog posts by bloggers it’ll be about something personal, something negative and truthful. Basically the truth, BUT it’s never ever like – I’ve got an amazing life and I wanted to tell you, it’s always the truth about something they’re going through that’s concerning or negative or real I guess. Anyway I wouldn’t be interested in reading about someone having the best life ever – yet I look at photographs all day of people looking like they live the best life ever i.e instagram haha. So why is this? I secretly have a feeling I’m not the most positive person ever(for like ever), I mean really are you super positive about every bad outcome in your life? I’m honestly so happy for you if you are, why does even my slight sarcasm sound distinctly negative? Haha.

Lets face it I’m not a positive person. And I don’t like looking or reading about anyone’s perfect life. Even instagram I’m not into accounts that are so bright and colourful and every photo is a smile. But I guess that’s my art preference but could that be related?

I don’t really see myself an a negative person, I’ve always tried to push positive thoughts into my head, with that being said I just think I’m trying to be ‘real’ and honest. My blog AND instagram has forever been a place where I like to vent and express my negativity if you like but to me I’m just being reaaaaal and me. Sometimes I do see how all the complaining and the venting can seem like I’m putting myself out there too much, and complaining when the pictures are still pretty looking. Which I hate, in a way I don’t think an outfit picture shows much of you being happy or sad, and hey if the photo is a flatlay am I happy or sad or is it just a good photograph? I do believe people put their own emotions on photographs sometimes, even I do. Act jealous of a photograph when how the fuck would you know what’s really really going on behind that smile? Or photo of their feet…… read the caption, I always write a load of crap there about my day and I do this every single day I express my feelings, and the reality of my life when the picture doesn’t really tell you much. Anyway I’m going off on one – venting again.

I wouldn’t call myself negative or positive but I’d like to say I’m just being me and being as honest as possible when you show people your life on the internet it’s hard to be real for some and I understand that. Instagram is the place we go to escape reality but it should show reality as it’s a part of reality. 
This isn’t a rant about instagram.

I just wanted to let you know I’m not the most positive person, and a lot of the time I do feel like I’m the only person that feels like this. I hope I don’t annoy people with my venting or truthfulness. Lately I’ve tried to dial it down as who knows what brands reading this or what person. But I promise I’m not the most negativity person in the world I just have always felt like the internet has been the place where I can express anything when no one was around. It’s like home for my thoughts.

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