2018 & turning 25

3 January 2019

This is it. I’ve come to that year of my life I never really thought I’d have to get to, that number that no longer seems ‘young’, and it’s strange because it’s still young and I should really be writing this when I’m thirty but I’m not and I’m still gonna get anxious now because it seems like such a big number, I don’t have many older friends so this could be why I’m feeling this way. My boyfriend is nearly a year younger than me too so I do feel rather alone here. 
Nonetheless I have to power through this next year of my life and feel even worse next year as I’ll be in my ‘late twenties’ - this is crayyy. The past year wasn’t the best and I do feel like things got messy so quick and I didn’t have time to actually organise my life or plan out anything or even set goals. I must of written 10 blog posts in the last year which is not like me at all, the year before I set myself a goal of writing more blog posts and I did - however 2018 was the year of finding my feet and then letting everything go wrong again and again then finding my feet again. Such a rollercoaster of a year.


I became freelance this past year though not fully but closer than ever, and this was definitely my biggest achievement of the year. I found a career I love and enjoy pretty much just as much as blogging. I worked with more brands than ever, I created relationships with brands also which is the most important thing you need to do in this industry. I learnt so many new aspects about blogging and the blogging world changed so much as it always does and of course I went with it. This year I also gained more followers than ever, I couldn’t believe it though it’s still a micro following but I’m still doing working on it so thats what matters to me and hopefully this year I’ll reach my goal that I set myself every year for the past three years haha.

Just as my career my relationships in 2018 were very up and down. My partner and I definitely went through some horrible, horrible times but we’re still here and still learning how to live with someone, how to do things right for each other and continue the love. I learnt so much about my relationship this year and it’s all because of him. I do feel like if we can get through what we did we could pretty much get through anything together. I made friends this year and I also lost friends, I realised in the blogging industry its so bloody hard to make real friends and people that don’t just want to take photos but want to actually connect with you. I also reached out to the longest friend of mine after not talking for years and I cannot wait to get that person back in my life for good.

Looking back now I don’t seem to see much else that I was focused on. I did no planning, I set no goals because I felt disappointed about not hitting many years before. I also discovered the gym again but it didn’t last long as my time management is very bad.
Think I’ll set myself goals this year because why not, I love looking back at these kind of posts.


  • Time manage
  • Start therapy again
  • Write more blog posts
  • Better my writing skills
  • Read more
  • Exercise more - go skating
  • Connect with old friends
  • HAVE FUN (but don’t drink too much you cant do hangovers anymore)
  • Reach instagram following goals
  • Find the style of photography you and your following loves
  • Take more photos
  • Save money
  • Focus on health


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